Former Undergraduate Students 


Time: 2019-2021

Research Topic: What is the climate impact of desert dust above Northeast Atlantic clouds?

Robin is now a Ph.D student in the Physics Department at UC Berkeley.

Chloe Whicker

Time: 2018-2019

Research Topic: Improved Model Estimates of Desert Dust Aerosol Surface Concentration.

Chloe is now a PhD student at the department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering at the University of Michigan studying aerosol - cryosphere interactions. 

Chloe Whicker obtained her undergraduate degree from UCLA with a major in Environmental Science and a specialization in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Chloe worked with the Earth, Wind, and Particles Research group under Dr. Adeyemi Adebiyi and Dr. Jasper Kok where she studied the accuracy of new bias correction methodologies for model estimates of the surface concentration of desert dust aerosols, this work has implications for understanding climate feedbacks and human health impacts. Chloe presented her work at American Geophysical Union in December 2018 (abstract here).