Our research group focuses on understanding the impacts of atmospheric particles, like mineral dust and smoke aerosols, on our environment and the climate. It is important for us to study these atmospheric particles because they directly impact the air quality around us and because they contribute to the uncertainties in our understanding of how the climate will change in the future. 

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News & Updates

January 2023: 
Md Minhazul Kibria joins the Aerosol-Climate group at UC Merced.
Click here for his bio and details of the research he will be doing at UC Merced.
January 2023: 
We are part of a new article that characterizes "Mineral dust aerosol impacts on global climate and climate change" (Nature Reviews Earth & Environment). Click here to download
December 2022: 
Our group led a comprehensive review of coarse and super-coarse dust particles in the atmosphere and their impacts on the Earth system.  "A review of coarse mineral dust in the Earth system" is available at Aeolian Research (Click link here to download)
November 2022: 
We are part of a group that was awarded a 2023 UC Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives (MRPI) grant, titled: "UC-Dust: Addressing Future Changes in California Dust Storms (Pi: Amato Evan)". Dr. Adebiyi will lead the UC Merced part of the work. Press release can be found here.
September 2022: 
Our group was awarded a DOE grant to build collaboration with DOE labs, including LBL, LLNL, and PNNL that advances our understanding of dust regional climate impacts in California's San Joaquin Valley

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