Dust Constraints from joint Observational-Modelling-experiMental analysis

Mineral dust particles in the atmosphere produce significant impacts on the Earth system. But despite their importance, most climate models still have difficulty representing the basic processes that affect dust particles, and as a result, these climate models fail to reproduce the properties of dust particles in the atmosphere when compared to observations.

To address this problem, we develop a new dataset (DustCOMM) that facilitates more accurate constraints on three-dimensional atmospheric dust properties. DustCOMM leverages observational and experimental constraints with recent advances in our understanding of dust processes, thus accounting for some of the deficiencies present in current climate models.

Constraints on globally-averaged atmospheric dust properties. Data contains:

  • Dust load

  • Dust size distribution

  • Dust mass extinction efficiency

Constraints on 3-D and 2-D dust properties. Data contains:

  • 3-D Dust size distribution

  • 2-D Dust loading (superseded by Kok et al., 2021a)

  • 2-D Dust mass extinction efficiency

(Note: Version 2 used the global size distribution in Adebiyi & Kok 2020 while version 1 used the global size distribution in Kok et al. (2017))